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Indo Surf Crew/Magic seaweed

Posted by Kayu Surfboards on
Indo Surf Crew/Magic seaweed - Kayu Surfboards

We have recently collaborated with Indo surf crew and given some of our finest boards to go and be put to the test at an undisclosed location in Indonesia.

Indo Surf Crew has been on more surf-trip/retreats recently, the latest one being an off-the-grid eco lodge located in the middle of nowhere in one of more isolated parts of Indonesia. These trips are really fine tuned to develop your surfing skills , in which in-house surf coach Rodrigo Machado has developed an innovative surf training method called Power Surf. These techniques which are inspired by the movements of Ginastica Natural that was itself inspired by Capoeira and Martial Arts. Essentially, Rodrigo is able to choreograph the movements of surfing on land to better help you perform surfing manoeuvres with a unique flow and power.

For Indo Surf Crew, sustainability is at the very core of their retreats. They’re conscious of how surf trips and the materials used have an impact on the environment we all love. Even the Kayu timber surfboards are eco-friendly, with balsa blanks made from biodegradable materials that are ethically sourced from small scale plantations in West Java. Unlike many PU or epoxy boards, they’re also built to last a lifetime.


Check out the video featuring Kayu Surfboards here on :

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And if you are interested in booking a trip with Indo surf crew , you can do so on their website

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