KAYU surfboards produces sustainable hollow balsa wooden surfboards and balsa surfboards blanks.
All of KAYU’s balsa surfboards are hand built, shaped and are contenders
for one of the lightest wooden surfboards in the universe. 

All KAYU wooden surfboards are available in the KAYU surf shop in Bali.

Ready to ride wood?


One of KAYU’s lead objectives is to be very committed to the environment and reducing their footprint on the planet, therefore we use balsa wood.  Originating from the balsa tree, also known as Ocroma Pyramidale.

The lightweight nature of balsa, makes it the perfect material for a light wooden surfboard. 


KAYU Surfboards are manufactured to appeal the driven beginner, all the way to the cultured advanced surfer. Known for its low density and high strength, it is also incredibly buoyant.

When looked after carefully, these surfboards are designed to last a lifetime.


KAYU is wood in Indonesian and Balinese languages. Our roots are in Indonesia and all our raw materials are sourced from local small scale plantations in East Java.

We effectively source our own materials, while our true suppliers are those that cultivate the balsa tree.


  • Amazingly beautiful surfboards , ethically sourced and surf REALLY well.
    I would highly recommend stopping by Kayu store to check out the what’s on offer. You always need a wooden board in the QUIVER and these are the ones to go for.

  • Great shop. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and amazing quality surf boards.

    Mark Baker

  • Awesome shop with lots of option if you’re looking for wooden surfboards and fins. And definitly a nice place to check anyway if you like beautiful art work also.
    The owner is friendly and easy to reach.

    Pierre Billa
  • I thought the heads turning on the beach would be enough happiness out of this board. But then I felt it in the sea. From the first paddle, to the second wave, to the third bottom turn, each experience on the 5’4″ Little Fish was incredible. I also love how light and durable the board is, without compromising on quality.

    Samantha De souza
  • KAYU boards are simply amazing and I love the feeling of riding a wooden board they are so light. The contact with the water is just pure happiness, I have the Varuna Short board and a fish from KAYU: 2 different boards for small and big swell. I’m so happy not to contaminate the ocean anymore with a foam board. Thanks again KAYU surfboards!!”

    Monsieur Spoon
  • I guess you would call me a Silver Surfer – I’ve ridden a lot of boards over the years, some outstanding and some barely worth putting on the water. But I have to say Kayu gives you a whole new experience. It’s not just an incredible ride, cool and sensitive when you need that, powerful and dynamic when you need that, but it’s a beautiful thing in its own right.

    Steven Charny
  • When I became aware of how unsustainable surfboard materials are in the modern surfing world, and seeing the health of our Oceans deteriorate day by day, I asked myself which sacrifices I would be willing to make so I can give back to the planet.That’s how I gave wooden surfboards a shot and found out about KAYU surfboards in Bali.

    Indo Surfcrew
  • My love for the beach, the sea and surfing has increased my concern and passion for the environment. For a few years now, I and my wife have started this journey towards sustainable living. From our way of life in the city here in the Philippines to how we travel and surf, we started learning about ways how to reduce our carbon footprint and sustain the beautiful things nature provides, especially the ocean.

    ryan jose ticsay
  • Like everything about Kayu, their service in creating my new board was professional. Kayu listened to my needs and responded accordingly. The team were friendly and hospitable. They shared the stages of development with me.

    I couldn’t be happier, the board is a beast and I enjoy every session in the water. Thank you Kayu