Mission & Core Values

KAYU Surfboards was founded based on quality & sustainability. For instance, the company is known for manufacturing the most durable high-performance wooden surfboard blanks and performance surfboards on the globe. The collection of the different attires KAYU Surfboards has the needs of all its customers irrespective of the age, size, and sex. Its promotions portray its durability, its craftsmanship and high-quality in terms of performance. The internal strategic audit revealed that KAYU Surfboards successfully delivers value to its customers by performing its key activity, which is manufacturing the best sustainable, high-quality, lightweight, and high performance driven balsa wooden surfboard blanks and surfboards.

Since its founding day, KAYU Surfboards has maintained innovation internally for the development of the best product possible, according to market demands; a high performance, well designed, and organic surfboard blank and surfboard. Moreover, substantial aspects such as weight and performance of the surfboard blanks and surfboards have been enhanced to a maximum the highest possible levels of capabilities. KAYU currently keeps striving to improve its products and has the intention of focusing more on research and development in the upcoming years.

The product advocates and demonstrates why being aware, looking after the environment and protecting it from wastes is paramount. It does this by first encouraging and giving its customers a practical opportunity to be part of the long-term product, process and feeling. WE GROW SURFBOARDS!

Growing surfboards

KAYU surfboards is located on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali,  a surfers heaven with a long history of surf culture and undoubtedly, world-class waves!

Our Story
Our Story

KAYU strives for a more rooted vision of surfing by bringing back the traditional craftsmanship of hollow wooden surfboards. 

KAYU manufactures The highest quality surfboard Blanks and surfboards of all types, sizes, lengths, and shapes entirely out of balsa wood, sourced here in Indonesia (though the process still requires some glassing of course).

KAYU IS the Biggest and finest manufacturer of Balsawood surfboard blanks on the international market, we incorporate maximum innovation alongside sustainability enabling us to craft the most advanced, lightweight, high-performance, and competitively priced balsa wooden surfboard blanks and surfboards for the international market.

Shaping surfboards

For those unfamiliar with this material, balsa wood is known for having a remarkable weight to strength ratio, alongside very high buoyancy properties and a relatively fast rate of growth.

Making it a particularly interesting material to work with in terms of performance and sustainability.


What makes KAYU stands out is their holistic conception of sustainability by keeping local communities involved.  

Their manufacturing facility is located in the green hills of East Java, close to the balsa tree plantations of the local farmers. Here is where our world known surfboard blanks are crafted by hand and start their journey.

awareness project

KAYU surfboards present GROW!.

A series of balsa wooden surfboards, illustrated by LO art to support the wildlife projects of JAAN.

KAYU surfboards aim to contribute to a better and healthier environment with wholehearted

consideration for Indonesian wildlife. Through art and creativity KAYU grows awareness for the protection and conservation of the
beautiful Indonesian wildlife in cooperation with, Monsieur Spoon restaurant, Flow with LO art & JAAN.

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Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to protect Indonesian wildlife and improve animal welfare as well as helping local communities to protect the forests they rely on and combat mass logging.  The aim is to rehabilitate and release all individual animals rescued to their natural habitat.

KAYU surfboards, the Grow series are for sale!