In December 2018, KAYU will launch its special surf trips.

KAYU offers you the experience of going around on a unique, customized Balsa Wooden Jeep.

The surf trips will take place in the island of the gods, a place known for its variety of surf spots that suit any level from beginner to advanced. You will be taken through the best landscapes of the island; naturally decorated rice fields, black sand beaches and one of the most breathtaking sunrise in the globe. KAYU’s Signature Surfboards will be available for rental and purchase during the trip. Note: any customer joining the trip will be offered a special discount on any KAYU surfboard.

We will leave around 6:00h and return around 16:00h (13:00 after lunch for half a day). In the event we come across unexpected natural conditions, the trip will be refunded in full or rescheduled depending on the situation.

If a bigger group is put together, we will organize an extra car for those that are really keen on joining the experience; everyone will have a chance to go onboard the KAYU Jeep. Note: If the group is formed by 3 or less people, there will be an additional charge of IDR 400.000 per person

The ‘Ready to Surf Wood’ experience includes:

  • Travelling around in a one-off Jeep made of balsa wood
  • An experienced local surfer and tour guide
  • Surfing at a wide variety of the top spots in Bali
  • The chance to surf and feel of KAYU Surfboards
  • Breakfast and lunch at selected local restaurants
  • Local snacks provided by our beloved Oma Jamu Restaurant
  • Optional: Hire a photographer to capture the best moments
  • The possibility to buy your own KAYU Surfboard at a 10% discount
– Half a day (4,5 hours): 2.500.000 IDR
– Whole day, including rentals (8 hours): 5.000.000 IDR