KAYU Surfboards are manufactured to appeal the driven beginner, all the way to the cultured advanced surfer.

The boards are produced with 100% balsa wood. Originating from Balsa tree (also known as Ocroma Pyramidale), the lightweight nature of Balsa makes it the perfect material for your wooden surfboard. Known for its low density but high strength, Balsa wood has excellent sound, heat, and vibration insulating properties, and is also incredibly buoyant.
Fun fact: “Balsa” is the Spanish word for “raft.”

The wood used for our surfboards is hand-picked for the best quality and aesthetic purposes. The whole process from the design table to the waves takes four weeks, with quality control checks at all development stages. 

Once they are polished and final examinations are completed, our surfboards are ready to be delivered. Whether it is a signature or custom order, we provide the option to have it delivered to your doorstep or to receive it in our showroom. From here on, they are ready to be surfed on any wave and varying conditions. We currently have 11 signature models available at our showroom at all times.