• Why are wooden surfboards more expensive than foam boards?

Every one of our Surfboards is handmade and not mass-produced, which is quite labor-intensive work, we believe that you get what you pay for at KAYU surfboards which is the highest quality, highest performance, and the lightest Balsa Boards on the Market. KAYU surfboards also give a lifetime warranty on snapping, so this really is a board for life. If you snap it, we will supply you a brand new KAYU surfboard. This is a great investment for your quiver, as KAYU boards are built to last a lifetime.


  • Do wooden surfboards surf differently to standard foam boards?

If you are looking to add a KAYU board to your quiver, you will notice the difference but not in a negative way. It may take you a session or two to get the feel of it, but ultimately the board will guide you. One of the great advantages of KAYU surfboards is that they have immense paddle power, great speed, turnability, and are incredibly lightweight. You will be very happy on one of these boards.

  • Can I shape my own wooden surfboard?

Absolutely, we are very confident in standing by our statement that we are THE finest manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Balsawood surfboard blanks on the global market

and all come as standard ready to shape with easy to follow guidelines on the blank itself so you can shape away hassle-free. KAYU surfboards also offer a shaping experience here in Bali, where you can select your blank of choice and shape alongside our master shaper to create your own custom Balsa surfboard and learn a great deal during the process.

  • What is the best way to maintain my KAYU surfboard?

With KAYU surfboards you should maintain it as you would any other surfboard, with the one exception of the air valve. If you have a bad ding that penetrates the wood, you would have to release the air valve fully and allow to dry out. But if you are careful in the water this should not be an issue. If you get a small ding in the glassing, then you would take to any repair shop and fix as you would a regular surfboard.

  • Why do I need an air valve on my KAYU surfboard?

KAYU Surfboards comes with an ​Air Ventilation Valve ​installed on the deck, If your board is affected by water damage due to a ding, the board will get heavier and it will affect the wood and your surfing capabilities. If this situation occurs just remove the air ventilation plug completely and store the board in a dry covered area at room temperature. Leave the board like this for a day or longer before repair. This will allow time for the interiors of your board to dry in preparation for your repair work to be done to the highest finished standards. During storage and display When you are not displaying or using your board, this air valve is designed to allow the surfboard to breathe, it will automatically air out any moisture that has sneaked in, but never leave your board too long in the heat. The air inside will heat up and expand and this could cause unnecessary swelling, don’t leave your board for long periods of time in direct sunlight or in a hot car.

  • What is the best board for my size and ability?

At KAYU we are here to help you find that perfect board. We would ask you about your surfing ability, size, and weight, then with the aid of our experienced team members, we would go through the necessary options to provide you with the most optimum outcome that will be perfect for your needs.

  • Are Kayu surfboards heavy?

Many people have the misconception that wooden surfboards must all be very heavy and bulky, in some cases this may be true, but due to the innovative manufacturing, materials and construction of KAYU surfboards, we pride ourselves on having the lightest Balsa wooden surfboards on the market. Check out a recent article featuring KAYU surfboards at https://surfhungry.com/best-wooden-surfboards/

Voting KAYU as best lightweight wooden surfboards.

  • How long does it take to ship my KAYU surfboard Overseas? And at what cost.

This depends on your location and quantity ordered, but an inquiry, our team will provide you with a very accurate quotation of shipping and time it will take to reach your destination. Generally, the more you order the cheaper it is per item being shipped.

  • What do I do if I snap My KAYU surfboard?

If the unfortunate event of snapping your KAYU surfboard happens, we would ask you to send us images and review that this in fact happened in the water or was a design malfunction. All terms and conditions of this you will receive in your owner’s documents/warrantee you will be given on purchase. If everything checks out you will be granted your warrantee and given a brand new KAYU surfboard.

  • Are KAYU boards high-performance surfboards?

KAYU prides itself to be the best performance balsa wood surfboard on the market. Each board has its own high-performance capabilities that match that of your standard foam surfboards. These boards are made to be utilized to their fullest potential and they really have a lot of that.

  • Are KAYU Surfboards sustainable/eco-friendly?

KAYU Surfboards expresses its reason for being in existence as one that is consistent with the “use of all its resources to reduce pollution and waste from the earth.” While advancing its outdoor sporting products, KAYU Surfboards has come to appreciate the close association between its business and environmental conservation. To be part of the bigger agenda, KAYU has entwined its future to that of Earth.

KAYU Surfboards does not take the activist standpoint but “just” the more natural approach to raising awareness by manufacturing one of the world’s best, fair & affordable sustainable high-performance quality surfboards. KAYU also incorporates maximum innovation and sustainability, whilst increasing its accessibility across multiple continents.

The product advocates and demonstrates why being aware, looking after the environment, and protecting it from wastes is paramount. It does this by first encouraging and giving its customers a practical opportunity to be part of the long-term product, process, and feeling. WE GROW SURFBOARDS!

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