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Mission & Core Values

KAYU Surfboards was founded based on quality & sustainability. For instance, the company is known for manufacturing the most durable high-performance wooden surfboard blanks and performance surfboards on the globe. The collection of the different attires KAYU Surfboards has the needs of all its customers irrespective of the age, size, and sex. Its promotions portray its durability, its craftsmanship and high-quality in terms of performance. The internal strategic audit revealed that KAYU Surfboards successfully delivers value to its customers by performing its key activity, which is manufacturing the best sustainable, high-quality, lightweight, and high performance driven balsa wooden surfboard blanks and surfboards.

Since its founding day, KAYU Surfboards has maintained innovation internally for the development of the best product possible, according to market demands; a high performance, well designed, and organic surfboard blank and surfboard. Moreover, substantial aspects such as weight and performance of the surfboard blanks and surfboards have been enhanced to a maximum the highest possible levels of capabilities. KAYU currently keeps striving to improve its products and has the intention of focusing more on research and development in the upcoming years.

The product advocates and demonstrates why being aware, looking after the environment and protecting it from wastes is paramount. It does this by first encouraging and giving its customers a practical opportunity to be part of the long-term product, process and feeling. WE GROW SURFBOARDS!

Why Franchising in Australia with KAYU?

We also started an affiliate program to market KAYU in other countries and have seen a great amount of interest in Australia. Meaning there are already many leads in our network that would be interested to buy from Australia. This is why we want a distributor in Australia. 

The shipment has always been an issue because of the dimensions of a surfboard. Sending 1 surfboard on its own can cost up to 1000 USD, while sending a container could result in less than 40 USD shipping cost per board. Having an Australia distributor will significantly enhance the amount of sales within the Australian Market.

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Growth of Franchising in Australia

Statistical surveys have been conducted for the Franchise Council of Australia every second year since 1998.

  • There are approximately 1,160 business format franchisors in Australia in 2014, compared with 1,180 in 2017.
  • Today, there are an estimated 79,000 units operating in business format franchises, reflecting an increase of 8.2% since 2017.
  • More than 485,000 people are employed directly in franchising.
  • Sales turnover of the entire franchising sector was estimated at $144 billion.
  • 86% of franchise systems in operations, originated in Australia.

What to expect?

As a KAYU franchisee, you’ll benefit from a proven system that provides everything you need to succeed.

1 Surfboards & Blanks.

Every Franchise deal comes with a certain value amount in surfboards & blanks, giving the option to sell two two maket sectors in the surf industry, surfers and shapers alike.

2. You will receive merchandise.

Kayu will provide you with all your Merchandising needs to give the full aspect of the KAYU brand.

3. Media & Marketing Support

You will receive promotional material, media and webcontent, help desk support, Kayu Website User Domain, Facebook Ad support (1 Year) & Social Media & Digital Marketing Support.

4. Training & Onboarding

A member of the KAYU team will fly over and train you on all the ins and outs on how to make your KAYU franchise thrive with unique sale points and techniques, along with all necessary product knowledge

5. Legal Support

Trademark, Agreements, Franchise Licenses & Legal Advice.


A - Primary

  • $60.000 worth of Surfboards & Blanks
  • $8.500 worth of Merchandise
  • $20.400 worth of Marketing, Design & Content
  • $7.000 worth of in depth training
  • $2.225 worth of Legal Support

B - Region

  • $30.000 worth of Surfboards & Blanks
  • $5.000 worth of Merchandise
  • $11.500 worth of Marketing, Design & Content
  • $3.000 worth of in depth training
  • $1.000 worth of Legal Support

C- Independent

  • $15.000 worth of Surfboards & Blanks
  • 3.000 worth of Merchandise
  • $10.000 worth of Marketing, Design & Content
  • $2.750 worth of in depth training
  • $1.000 worth of Legal Support

$98,125.00 USD

$51,500.00 USD

$31,750.00 USD

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