Chambered wooden blanks, 100% Indonesian Balsa

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Kayu Surfboard Blanks

We are very confident in standing by our statement that we are “THE “ finest manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Balsawood surfboard blanks on the global market.

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A nice ride for your business, too?

If you wholesale or retail in the surfing world, KAYU Surfboard Blanks offer an extra, extremely profitable, and beneficial dimension to your business. When a retail customer is deciding on his or her next board, the conversation goes well beyond the choice of “Old-tech foam board or environmentally sound balsa” to “Would you like a fully crafted KAYU balsa board or would you
prefer the reward of shaping your own ride with a KAYU Blank?” It’s a great conversation for the retailer and a sure path to a sale.

If you are interested in ordering KAYU balsa blanks in Bulk/container load please contact us for wholesale prices.

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FILE0344-min (1)
Mono Mono x Facu-14
Shortboard 5'6


Dimensions: 5’6 x 20.9″ x 2.8″

Volume: 32 L, FCS 2/ Future Thruster / 5 Fin setup



Dimensions: 5’10.8″x19.9″x 2.5″

Volume: 32 L FCS 2/ Future Thruster / 5 Fin setup 

5-10 varuna blank


Dimensions: 6’0′ x 20.9″x 2.8″

Volume: 42 L FCS 2/Future Twin/Quad setup

5-10 varuna blank
Retro fish

Retro Fish

Dimensions: 6’0.6″x 21.1″x 2.1″

Volume: 44 L FCS 2/Future Twin/Quad setup 



Dimensions: 6’8.6″x 21.9″ x 20.8″

Volume: 49 L FCS 2/Future Thruster/Single Fin/ 2+1 

6-6 and 6-8 woody mono
single fin

Single Fin

Dimensions: 6’6″x 20.8″x 2.9″

Volume: 46 L FCS 2/Future Single Fin/2+1 



Dimensions 8’3.6″‘x 22.7″x 2.9″

Volume: 67 L FCS 2/Future Single Fin/ 2+1 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-18 at 10.26.42

Mini Malibu

Dimensions: 7’4″x 21.8″ x 2.9″

Volume: 59 L FCS 2/Future Thruster/Single Fin/ 2+1 



Dimensions: 8’7″ x 20.7″ x 3.6″

Volume: 70 L FCS 2/Future Thruster/Single Fin/ 2+1/ 5 Fin 

8-6 water gun blank
Blank Size 2020 - Bateau Bolong 9_2_ copy-1


Dimensions: 9’3.4″ x 23″ x 3.3″

Volume: 83 L FCS 2/Future Single Fin/ 2+1 



Dimensions: 9’64” x 23.” x 3.1″

Volume: 86 L FCS 2/Future Single Fin/ 2+1 

9-6 classic log blank

Stand up Paddle

Dimensions: 10’0.8″ x 30.1″x 4.1″

Volume: 153 L FCS 2/Future Single Fin/ 2+1 

10-0 SUP Blank


  • “When I became aware of how unsustainable surfboard materials are in the modern surfing

    world, and seeing the health of our Oceans deteriorate day by day, I asked myself which

    sacrifices I would be willing to make so I can give back to the planet.

    That’s how I gave wooden surfboards a shot and found out about KAYU surfboards in Bali.


    Indo Surf crew

  • KAYU boards are simply amazing and I love the feeling of riding a wooden board they are so

    light. The contact with the water is just pure happiness, I have the Varuna Short board and a

    fish from KAYU: 2 different boards for small and big swell. I’m so happy not to contaminate

    the ocean anymore with a foam board. Thanks again KAYU surfboards!!”


    From Monsieur spoon

  • When i got to the Canggu shop, aside from these facts I’ve read online and finally seeing the craftsmanship of the boards up close, it is also by discovering the passion of the people behind the boards that convinced me that this is going to be my next board. Now, every time I surf with my 6” Papillion fish, I will always be reminded with this mindset that there is always a way to

    enjoy a sustainable life.


    Lives In The Philippians.

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